Trattoria Napoleone

Chef Advice

Any information on substances and allergens can be found in the appropriate documentation that will be provided by service staff upon request.

* Use of frozen products in case of unavailability of fresh raw material.

Bread and Cover charge €3,50

Consigliati dallo Chef
Great selection of cure meat of Cinta Senese DOP (for 2 people)
Bresaola, Capocollo, dry cinta sausage, cured ham seasoned 14 months, crostini with lard of Cinta DOP
Pappardelle with duck sauce
Gnocchi with Mr. Crab
Tomahawk Florentine t-bone steak (Kg.)
Chianina Florentine t-bone steak ( Kg.)
Spaghetti with fresh truffle, zucchini flowers, zucchini and shrimps
Beef tenderloin with pecorino cheese fondue and fresh truffle
Napoleone-style apple cake (made with our secret recipe) served hot
The best panna cotta in the world, with caramel topping